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OAR blew it up with the go-go jam session! What an amazing surprise -- downloading it just for this! Loved it!
Amazing show! They played our wedding song (The Stranger)!!!!
Love this show! We had so much fun. We got to meet the band beforehand so it was a really special night.
Christopher Sheehan 08/25/15
08/16/2015 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
I don't know what Adam is listening to, but track seven is most certainly 52-50. It's my most favorite song and mike sarnovsky requested it, and I was at the show. Adam you might think you were paying attention...But I doubt it.
Track 7 is titled, "52-50" but that is actually "So Moved On"... Also, I don't even think they play that song at this show. I watched live online and never remembered this song. Maybe I missed it.. But I doubt it..
Better then the last show I seen but I'm sure not as good as the next. Every time I see them it's better and better.
I don't know that I could ever give a show less than 5. Seriously though, it was a good variety. Not all the hits i would have liked to hear but some stuff not all that familiar. Great show on a beautiful night. Thanks guys!
Once again oar puts an amazing show and so glad to be part of everyone I've been tp
Patrick abbruzzi 08/20/15
08/19/2015 nTelos Wireless Pavilion
Flew all the way from Texas for this! Great show. I love the new album and wish you guys would include it the repertoire a little more! Caroline and I will find you are amazingly intelligent, complex, well written songs. Loved hearing Rhythym of your Shoes in person. Great covers, and Brynn was a nice find. Long live t... Read More
I'm a huge Pirates fan, so seeing these guys after a tense Buccos victory was the icing on the cake of a great experience. For the amount of time the were allotted, I absolutely loved the set list. It was good mix of old classics and the radio favorites. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like these guys are really perfect... Read More
Kevin 08/16/15
08/08/2015 Pittsburgh
5 freaking star!!!