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14th show but by far the weakest set list. Hoping for a bounce back next time around.
I've seen P!nk, Maroon 5, and Idina Menzel in concert, and none of them compared to O.A.R. This concert was the best I've ever been to, and it was truly life-changing for me. My friends are Chris's cousin, so Chris was able to get us great seats for the show, and we got to go backstage after the show and meet him! The ... Read More
Love OAR, but wasn't a big fan of the set list.
Great set list and show. Love how they mix it up each night.
Another amazing concert by the best band ever! Honestly should be made into an album. Cant wait to see them again! Best Band Ever!
Seemed to run out of time and out of gas at the end. Great show for 2/3 of the evening.
What a great night of great music, great friends, great beer, and just a great time!
This Town/Anyway was my favorite song I've ever heard the band play live. The sickest trumpet/sax breakdown I've ever heard...
Excellent show at a great venue! The opening acts were a great complement to OAR, and the boys rocked it again.
OAR blew it up with the go-go jam session! What an amazing surprise -- downloading it just for this! Loved it!
Amazing show! They played our wedding song (The Stranger)!!!!